Referral & Broker Program

Working With the 18 Sierra Financial Team

At 18 Sierra Financial, we welcome anyone interested in joining our team or referral and broker program. We have opportunities consistently available and are always happy to discuss them with motivated individuals. The following are a few of the reasons you may want to work with 18 Sierra Financial:

  • Excellent commissions and referral fees to reward you for your hard work and dedication, no matter what the size of each project may be.
  • A commitment to a high-quality, continuing, and mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Access to a large portfolio of financial products, meaning that you can successfully pair more clients with solutions that will work for them.
  • A chance to work with other dedicated and talented professionals.

Whether you are interested in becoming a team member, referral partner, or broker with 18 Sierra Financial, contact us to learn more about current opportunities. We are always interested in exploring working with new people.

The Referral and Broker Program

If you want to make referrals to us or act as a broker, we can provide you with substantial support. This includes helping you to preview or submit transactions with us. We also offer reciprocal referrals whenever a client returns to us. To protect your interests, we will provide straightforward and upfront fees disclosures in commitment letters and prompt payments.

The Ideal Team Member

Do you think you want to join the 18 Sierra Financial team? We offer a remote working environment that is suitable for people who are capable of working very independently. Our focus is on empowering our team members to be their best.

18 Sierra Financial is a veteran-owned and operated firm. Our current team of highly skilled brokers is comprised of former Green Berets, and we provide customized strategies to help our clients reach their goals. We look for organized, confident, people-oriented, and results-driven people who can also be flexible when situations change.

Beyond skills in brokering, we look for people who understand what it means to live in, be a part of, and contribute to their communities. The businesses, clients, their employees, and families are people we interact with every day, and our ability to provide solutions helps everyone succeed.

Learn More

Discover more about opportunities with 18 Sierra Financial on our team or in our referral and broker program. Contact us today.