Accounts Receivable Financing

Accounts Receivable Financing for Small Businesses

Like most business owners, you do your best to prepare for the unexpected. You need smart funding solutions that help your enterprise in times of need – when it receives large and unanticipated orders, for example. Seasonal demand fluctuations can also call for additional financial resources. 18 Sierra Financial’s accounts receivable financing provides that vital funding when you need it most.

Financing Receivables with 18 Sierra Financial

What is accounts receivable financing? It’s a flexible funding tool that lets you get cash sooner from your unpaid customer invoices. Instead of waiting up to 90 days for your customers to pay, you sell those invoices to us at a discount. We then collect payment from your customers on their invoices’ due dates. You typically get your cash within 24 hours – plus you enjoy many other great benefits:

  • No fixed payments needed
  • No personal guarantees or recourse required
  • Free credit insurance on qualifying accounts
  • More funds available as sales grow

Receivables financing is a useful way to get cash quickly when you require it. Use the funds to pay production costs, operations and other critical expenses. Even better, you don’t incur long-term bank debt. You’re treating your receivables as the assets they are.

Talk to the Experts

18 Sierra Financial works with businesses of all types to improve their cash flow and build capital reserves for growth. We are a veteran-owned and run financial firm with years of experience in the private sector. Reach out to our team today so that we can provide your business with a results-driven strategy to help you reach your goals.