Merger and Acquisition Financing

Financing for Business Mergers and Acquisitions

Many businesses employ a growth strategy based on mergers and acquisitions. Since all business mergers and acquisitions are unique, tailored financing solutions are required to ensure success at every step. At 18 Sierra Financial, we work with businesses of all types to successfully fund their mergers and acquisitions, as well as performing a thorough analysis of the items many traditional lending institutions overlook, such as:

  • Outstanding debts
  • Existing client accounts
  • The value of both soft and hard assets
  • Financial risks
  • The financial projections and profitability after the acquisition or merger

Business financing for mergers and acquisitions from 18 Sierra Financial features:

  • Financing up to $500 million and above
  • Short-term and long-term financing options
  • Flexible terms
  • Private equity, public equity, and venture capital options
  • Guidance to ensure success

Start Growing Your Business

18 Sierra Financial is a veteran-owned firm with years of experience handling mergers and acquisitions of every size. Contact our offices today and let our team of professionals formulate a strategy for your merger or acquisition.