Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

Experience the Benefits of Our Stated Income Loans for Commercial Real Estate

unsecured business lines of creditHave you ever had a difficult time getting standard loan approval, or do you get tired of filling out all the paperwork associated with a regular loan? You may want to look into the stated income commercial real estate loan options offered here at 18 Sierra Financial. These loans come with a wide variety of impressive benefits, including minimal paperwork, easy qualification requirements, and generous loan terms.

Loan Details

Unlike traditional loans, a stated income commercial real estate loan doesn’t demand that borrowers have perfect credit. You can qualify for a stated income loan as long as your credit score is no lower than 600. This is a very easy minimum qualification for most business owners to meet. Additional loan details include:

  • Large loan amounts (as much as $500,000 in some cases)
  • Fixed rates
  • Excellent loan-to-value (as much as 75% in qualifying cases)
  • 25-year terms
  • Amortized loan structure
  • All property types considered

Since approval for a stated income loan is based on property value rather than credit profile, you just need to make sure the property you want to purchase is valued high enough to clear all associated fees and costs, such as insurance, taxes, and mortgage).

Property Types Considered

We welcome all property types to apply for our stated income program. We frequently approve borrowers who deal in apartments, real estate, and many other business types. We do require applicants to show a W-2 or proof of self-employment before we offer approval for one of our stated income loans.

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18 Sierra Financial is a veteran-owned business that provides customized solutions to commercial real estate investors and developers nationwide. Our stated income loans feature fast closings without the red tape of traditional channels. Contact our offices today to learn more.