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AR Financing: The Pros and Cons

AR (Accounts Receivable) financing is a common form of business financing. The process entails selling outstanding invoices or receivables at a markdown to a professional finance or factoring company. This...... Read More

Steps To Simplifying Your Business Accounting Process

Accounting is usually a crucial business aspect, regardless of its size. Failure to undertake this business aspect seriously can cause unnecessary obstacles and issues that can halt or slow down...... Read More

Master These Seven Tasks to Become an Effective Leader

Besides the acumen to guide an organization, a good leader needs a range of skills. You need to be able to boost morale, resolve conflicts, foster team development, and nurture...... Read More

Tips for Managing Cash Flow at Your Seasonal Business

Surveys indicate that a large portion of small companies experiences slow-downs and increases in business during certain times of the year. This seasonality in the amount of available work can...... Read More