Entrepreneurial veterans are finding opportunities around every corner in Colorado Springs, from startups to franchises, trucking companies, consulting businesses, and everything in between. However, for veterans that want to take a different approach commercial real estate offers many lucrative paths to generate revenue.

Rental Properties

Rental properties in Colorado Springs allow veterans to be as hands-on or hands-off as they want. From duplexes, owner-occupied rentals, and multifamily dwellings, to leased commercial space, storage, industrial buildings, and more, veterans in Colorado Springs can allow their investments to generate money for them, making improvements and expanding their portfolios as they go. If one unit can bring in revenue, then multiple units will only increase income. Many veterans have been able to make a comfortable living from rental properties, giving them time to focus on themselves, their families, and what is really important in life.

Property Flipping for Veterans

For veterans that want a more hands-on experience generating revenue through real estate, flipping houses is the way to go. Property flippers generate income by purchasing older homes and then breathing new life into them through renovations and construction to attract new buyers. As more people move to Colorado Springs – many of whom are veterans themselves – properties that are move-in-ready will be in high demand. Veterans can take on fix and flip projects themselves, or hire contractors. Either way, property flipping is a great way to uplift a community, build connections with other business owners in Colorado Springs, and generate revenue.

Construction and Raw Land Development

Construction and development projects in Colorado Springs are great for veterans who want to dive into planning and logistics. From small projects like building new franchise establishments to hotels, custom houses, public works, and more, construction is a very lucrative path for veterans that are ambitious and detail-oriented.

Financing for Real Estate in Colorado Springs

18 Sierra Financial is a veteran-owned and operated firm based in the heart of Colorado Springs. We work directly with other veterans to provide the funding they need for their commercial real estate projects and transactions. If you need commercial real estate financing solutions, talk to the team at 18 Sierra Financial today.