Slow-paying customers can cause several problems for your business. As a construction subcontractor, you need to maintain a proper cash flow to increase productivity. Looking for loans can prove beneficial, but the application requirements can be hectic. As a construction subcontractor, finding financing alternatives becomes important.

Invoice Factoring

As you wait for your customers to meet their payment obligations, it is important to look for financing alternatives to maintain the cash flow. Factoring in your invoice is one of the avenues you can utilize to achieve your objectives. Look for an invoice factoring company and get the funds you need for the construction project. The factoring company funds your projects against the value of your invoices.

Merchant Cash Advances

As a construction subcontractor, ensure you avoid slow-paying customers by utilizing merchant cash advances as an alternative funding option. This is important, especially when looking for funds for asset purchases. With merchant cash advances, you can lease or buy the equipment needed for the construction project as you wait for payments from your customers.

SBA Loans

You can contact a commercial lender to check your legibility for SBA loans. You can effectively utilize the loans to fund your construction projects as you wait for your slow-paying customers. With SBA loans, you get quick cash to sustain the projects. Unlike other financing alternatives, it is important to know your needs as a construction subcontractor before applying for the loans. You, however, meet your financing and business objective fast with this financing option.

Business Lines of Credit

It is beneficial to consider business lines of credit as you get the funds and enjoy lower rates and longer repayment terms. With business lines of credit, you get a flexible financing option for your construction project. You can effectively access business lines of credit and access the funds from both traditional and alternative lenders in the market. With business lines of credit, you can easily manage various project expenses.

Equipment Financing

Every construction project needs the right equipment for the best results. As you look for financing alternatives, ensure equipment financing is on the list. Through equipment financing, you easily get loaders, excavators, and other heavy machinery. You cover the financial gap left by slow-paying customers with this financing option.

Slow paying customers can cause inconveniences to a construction project. As a construction subcontractor, you should consider financing alternatives to fill the gap. Contact 18 Sierra Financial today for financial guidance.