If you are like many homeowners, you may not have a bunch of money to spend on a full rehabilitation or remodel of your home. However, there are several things you can do to increase home value that don’t cost a fortune. Consider these tips.

Address Your Lighting

First, on the exterior of your home, you can update or add landscape lighting. Feature especially attractive trees, create safe paths and show off beautiful foliage. You can also update or change the lighting on your home’s exterior by purchasing and installing new fixtures or changing your bulbs.

Inside your home, you can also purchase and install new fixtures in key rooms, such as the kitchen, bathrooms and living areas. However, you can create a different atmosphere by simply choosing bulbs that accent the space. For example, bright, sunlight bulbs are great in areas where you need extra light, but softer, warmer lighting is beneficial for family areas. In addition, if you still have incandescent bulbs, your space can feel dull and yellow.

You can always conduct some research to learn about the best lighting options for your spaces.

Treat Your Windows

Dirty windows can also make a room feel dark and dingy, so pull back those shades and give them a thorough cleaning. Also, you can change your window treatments so they accentuate and enhance your space. Avoid using blinds or curtains that block out natural light and your view during the day.

Break Out Those Paint Brushes

Although painting comes with its own set of tasks, from moving furniture and taping to priming and cleaning up, just painting one wall can have a significant impact on a room. However, if you can afford it, consider painting full rooms. You can still have an accent wall, but the refresh will make the room look fresh and new.

Instead of painting over existing wallpaper, get a steamer and remove it, clean the wall and repaint or wallpaper it. Painting over a wallpaper may suggest that wall has structural integrity or other issues. Also, if you plan to sell your home, consider avoiding papering your walls because most people don’t want it, so removing it can give you an advantage over other properties.

Refresh Your Molding

Look over your home’s molding. Consider repainting your baseboards and the molding around your windows and doors. Replace any that is broken or otherwise damaged. Then, consider adding crown molding to your public areas. This luxurious feature can distract buyers from some of the home’s less attractive features.

With a little time and money, you can increase your home value. Consider these and other inexpensive updates.